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The 3 Biggest Lies Being Told To Network Marketers (that are actually true)

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by Micah on December 13, 2011

The Argument: Anybody can do it. The network marketing industry is open to anyone who wants to make more money. Anyone can join a network marketing company and if they work hard enough they will be successful.

Zero Percent Off


“This has success written all over it”

Why it’s a lie:

Network marketing success requires a certain breed of person. It is a very challenging occupation.

If you are a negative person, if you allow yourself to be ruled by fear, if you are unable to step back and take a critical look at yourself, if you want instant overnight results, if you don’t commit yourself to self improvement and education, then you will have a very hard time in the network marketing industry.

It’s a nice rosy thing to say that anyone can do this, but the fact remains the many people simply lack the drive and the focus required to achieve any level of success in network marketing.

Why It’s actually true:

We are what we make of ourselves. Each and every one of us has the power within to change the direction our life is going. I used to be a very angry person. Now a days I’m fairly easy going. I used to avoid certain situations because of my own fear and insecurities. Now I no longer make any decision based on fear.

If you truly want to change your life, you and you alone have the power to make it happen. Stop focusing on what you dont want and only focus on what you do want.

Start paying more attention to the positive things in your life, even if thy are just teeny tiny things.

Decide what you want out of life and then go for it. Make it fucking happen. And remember, there is no such thing as failure, only stuff that works and stuff that doesn’t.

The argument: You can’t build your network marketing business without picking up the phone.

Why it’s a lie:

Marketing is marketing is marketing. It doesn’t matter if you are selling e-books or earrings, coaching programs or cockroach killer, business insurance or your network marketing business opportunity.

Internet marketing is used to sell almost anything, 99.9% of which doesn’t require a phone call. And yes, of course network marketing is different, but at the same time it’s not. Don’t forget, marketing is marketing.

In some ways going phoneless is actually better because it will force you to be a better marketer. Your copy will be tighter and more focused and you will be more efficient with your resources. You’ll have to be.

This leaves you with 2 choices.

A: spend a 6-12 months learning internet marketing and copywriting and programing, or

B: Use a pre existing system that is proven to convert.  If you go with plan b, you can be up and running right off the bat and earn while you are still studying the finer points of copywriting and marketing.

Why it’s actually true:

If you want to be making money like right fucking now, then you are guna have to pick up the damn phone.

phone teeth

“It won’t bite …I think …”

Honestly, it’s the fastest way to a paycheck. Not only can you be turning a profit faster, but you will also have a much higher conversion rate.  Basically you won’t need as high of volume as you would with going phoneless.

The argument: You need more traffic.

Why it’s a lie:

So you have your capture page or sales letter or maybe a blog, and you’re not seeing a while lot of action. The first thing most people do is try to get more traffic. As if traffic is this magic fairy dust that will magically bring you massive profits.


“Let me dust that for you”

The problem is that if your site is getting some traffic, and you aren’t seeig any results, then your problem isn’t not enough traffic, your problem is your site needs some work. The problem is conversions.

So why on earth would you waste time and money sending more traffic to a shitty site that doest convert? Do some split testing, increase your conversions, THEN send the traffic. Holy shit you might even make some money.

Why it’s actually true:

Traffic is the life blood of the network marketing industry. Most of he time if you’re not getting traffic you’re not getting paid. Truth is, you can generate some leads and make some sales from a crappy website. Basically throw it at the wall and hope some sticks. Not very efficient, but it will tell you where you are.

Of course the easiest thing to do would be to just use a system that is proven to convert. Then you don’t have to worry about it.

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Article by

has written 42 awesome articles for us at

Twitter: @micahchipchase | Blog →

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Liane Markus December 14, 2011 at 6:50 am

I think I will be agreeing with what you have said here on your post. This are always the issues and concerns of people who are into network marketing and we cannot really deny this. this is the reason why we need to be cautious in times.
Liane Markus recently posted..לימודי אילוף כלביםMy Profile


Iroko from Creating Millionaires
April 28, 2012 at 3:24 pm

These are not lies at all…I just think people expect some magical wad to waved in their direction when they want to go into network marketing…there is still work to be don at least at the very beginning, either phoneless or phoneful!
Iroko recently posted..Solving Money Problems…You need help?My Profile


April 28, 2012 at 6:17 pm

Yeah that was pretty much the whole point of the post…


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